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Tamcon Contracting is a diversified civil and building construction group. Tamcon holds a building contracts AA grade from the Ministry of Works, and has the capability to undertake a range of civil and electro-mechanical works, building construction and infrastructure works. 

Established in November 2007, with an authorized capital of US$ 13.25 million and paid-up capital of US$ 1.325 million, Tamcon Contracting has the distinction of being the first construction group in Bahrain to operate in accordance with the rules and guidelines of Islamic Sharia. Tamcon is also firmly committed to adopting and maintaining the highest international standards and global best business practices. In particular, the Group places the highest priority on occupational health and safety, and the environment.

Since inception, Tamcon has made excellent progress in implementing its strategy of operational growth, diversification of services, and regional expansion. A substantial increase in contract revenues, net profits, total assets, project values and number of employees, has made Tamcon one of the fastest growing companies in its sector. At the same time, Tamcon has diversified its services through the establishment of a wholly-owned building materials subsidiary, and is currently negotiating a number of strategic alliances with international companies engaged in different fields, including infrastructure works. Additionally, in line with its strategy of geographic expansion, Tamcon has established an operating presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia